About Us

     Art Deals is a California based company that was started in 2001 to provide an alternate source for fine art, yet  avoiding the high gallery prices charged for fine art.  By utilizing our resources in the art world, we are able to offer the very same works of art  found in "brick and mortar" art galleries, that now become affordable by most.  Weather you are a serious collector of fine art or just someone who wants to own a unique piece of artwork to display and enjoy for years to come, we welcome your visit to our gallery.  For over ten years, owners Jan Ingram and Anthony Papaleo,  have built a solid reputation as one of California's most trusted art dealers.  Even though we are headquartered are in San Diego , California, we sell and ship anywhere in the world.

     Starting off as collectors for our own personal enjoyment, it became obvious to us that  there is a very large mark up in prices for artworks in the usual venues where most people purchase art, namely "brick and mortar" galleries.  By eliminating the high costs of rent, staff and utilities, we are able to present the very same artists and their highly sort after artwork at a large discount , in some cases, eighty per cent off of gallery list prices.  When you visit our gallery you will note we have posted  both the gallery list prices and our sale prices, showing a large savings to our customers. In order to hold costs down even further, most of our artwork is either unframed and/ or non-matted.  The cost of shipping a framed  matted print can sometimes be very expensive.  Not only does this bring the cost of shipping down drastically, but  it also allows our customers to mat and frame their artwork to their own individual tastes.  If you would prefer to have any of  our pieces custom framed, we have a close relationship with the largest framing house in Southern California, and would be more than happy to have the matting and framing done prior to shipping at a very competitive price..  Some of the art we have in our inventory does come framed and/or matted by the artist, a few of which we have displayed on this page.

     Although most of the artwork  in our gallery is described as "wall art", such as Giclees, lithographs , serigraphs etc., we also have displayed various works of sculpture.  Some of the very same artists who painted some of our wall art created the sculptures,  along with other artists who limited themselves to  just sculpture.  We have a few examples of those works on display on this page as well.  All the artwork in our gallery is of a limited edition, and are both hand signed and numbered.  The sculpture, because of the different types of mediums used in their creation, are either hand or cast signed.  We provide  a Certificate of Authenticity, guaranteeing both the signature and edition number, that are fully traceable back to the artist.

    Although most of the artists we feature in our gallery are already internationally established, we also take pride in displaying many up and coming local artists.  Any artist who wishes to display his or her artwork at no charge to the artist, we welcome you to contact us.